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GENESIS® Advisory Board (AB)

The AB consists of three SWD Masters who have agreed to donate time and meaningful assistance to the NSPF/GENESIS® organization. Although there are exceptions to this rule, each member serves a three-year term on the Board: one year each as Incoming Chair, Chair and Past Chair. For 2019, members of the AB are SWD Masters Paolo Benedetti and Rick Chafey.

Serving on the various Boards and Taskgroups is a privilege extended to those SWD Masters, SWD Registered and Genesis University® faculty who express an interest in furthering the Mission of NSPF/GENESIS. Please contact Lisa Ryckeley (lisa@genesis3.com) for more information on how to get involved.

Reaching the Buying Pubic Through an Exciting New Venture

The AB, working with staff and other volunteers took a major leap forward in reaching the ultimate consumer with the Society and SWD brands. The outlet is “Outdoor Living Showcase” (OLS) a partnership between NSPF/GENESIS and RMS Media Group – publisher of four Consumer magazines: Luxury Pools, OCEAN home; Northshore and Northshore home.

Each quarter, RMS Media Group will showcase up to six unique outdoor living environments across their digital platforms. Each showcased property will feature its pool / spa, hardscape, landscape, outdoor kitchen, furniture and entertainment elements. AB has the unique role of viewing and recommending projects for OLS, with priority given to those who are certified members of the Society – SWD Masters and SWD Registered.

With hotspots, image galleries and video, visitors will experience the design and implementation of unique outdoor living environments. Reaching hundreds of thousands of affluent and high net worth individuals interested in creating unique outdoor living environments, the Outdoor Living Showcase is the perfect place to build awareness and generate leads for your business.

The Advisory Board is made up of these Members: Rick Chafey and Paolo Benedetti.