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Indoor Pool & Spa Parameters

Pool Design article by Kevin Ruddy, SWD Master

A simple design?

No matter whether it’s a residential or commercial project, the design parameters for indoor swimming pools and spas call for warm water (the norm temperature 82 degrees and for competition pools is 78 degrees), air temperature should be two to four degrees warmer than the water temperature, and with the right HVAC Dehumidification system the relative humidity inside the enclosed space should be between 55% and 60%.

These parameters were generated over the years by professionals in many agencies including those that establish codes and compliance, health and well-being, as well as manufacturers having a hand.

The fact is, indoor swimming pool systems are more complicated than they would seem. If you need proof of that, all you need to do is visit a home or facility where a system has been installed by someone who wasn’t up to speed with what it takes to follow these parameters. In those situations the odds are you’ll find a client who’s bleeding cash on energy cost and is most likely experiencing unpleasant conditions or structural issues in the space that houses the pool or spa.

The integration of the pool or spa equipment to the Dehumidification System is critical when considering efficiency of energy cost, sanitation for pool/spa water and air as well as logistical considerations such as pool/spa construction schedule, pool/spa shell installation, piping runs and equipment sets. Special consideration should also be taken by the pool/spa professional in their options: Auto-pool covers, heat exchangers, Ozone or UV sanitation system up-grades variable speed pumps all of these will help the clients in controlling there operating costs.

Omega Pool Structures has 30 years of specializing in both design and construction of indoor pool and spa facilities and have found many ways to develop successful, energy-efficient indoor heating/dehumidification systems that manage to balance a variety of key factors that we will cover in the following upcoming blogs.

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