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Education A Priority With GENESIS®

Pool Design article by GENESIS® Staff

Miami, Fla. – GENESIS® , Inc. maintains three very specific priorities: educate, certify, and connect. This statement and no truer words were exercised throughout the duration 2014 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo held in Orlando, Fla. November 2 – 7, 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Launching the event, GENESIS® hosted three pre-conference design schools, a basic pool construction school and one perspective drawing class. Each course introduced a staggering number of new individuals to the GENESIS® program, one of them newcomer Nicholas Buchholz of Basin Environments based in Nashville, Tenn. “I definitely feel like I’m with the right people.” Buchholz said, “All of the aspects of the courses are great.”

For DESIGN 101: Introduction to Perspective Drawing taught by Michael Nantz, students were given the tools and expertise to create a variety of drawing skills among those three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional plane to create the illusion of depth. An anchor and necessity in the GENESIS® educational platform, the course was attended by varying level of experience and education. “Michael’s teaching style was great. A relaxed atmosphere, but still professional and command of material was just awesome. Love of his trade shows through his enthusiastic teaching skills.” Explained Bruce Todd of Atlantis Pools & Spas, Atlanta, Ga.

From design to construction, more than 39 students participated in the C201: GENESIS CONSTRUCTION SCHOOL: Concrete Pools course. Another requirement in the pursuit of becoming a Society of Watershape Designer (SWD), the construction course notated as the “must-have” class for any individual in the pool industry. With six different instructors and proctored by Paolo Benedetti, students were submerged with twenty-four hours of intense education. “This was very eye opening,” explained Ryan Pieszchala of Quest Pools in Fulshear, Texas “There was a lot to absorb and this class goes to show the full depth.”

New design school course “CONSTRUCTION 251: Commercial Pools and Waterparks taught by Counsilman-Hunsaker President, Scott Hester, P.E. filled a requested need by members for the commercial pool industry. An industry expert immersed students in a variety of projects and knowledge. Jeffrey Moreland from Water Frontiers in Prosper, Texas stated the most he liked about this course was “the level of detail and process.”

Barry Justus, SWD presented to a sold-out class DESIGN 204: Pool Studio. Justus an expert on the software explained details and subject matter for students of all technological levels. While widely used in the pool and spa industry field, students and instructor created a comfortable learning environment, with an abundance of knowledge that everyone left learning a great amount more than when they began. “Great course! I was already proficient on some of the subject material, however Barry provided very valuable information that will make my projects better.” Terence Thornton of Castlewood Pools in Castle Rock, Colo. said.

“This is the most technical course, thus far.” stated Evan Baard of Gib-San Pools, LTD in Toronto, Ont. while attending E211: GENESIS ENGINEERING SCHOOL: Pool Hydraulics. Lead by GENESIS® Education Chair, David J. Peterson, P.E., students dove into the engineering aspects of pool building on varying levels of complication. Armed with software developed by Peterson attendees completed problems, reviewed schematics and completed an exam to pass this intensive 16-hour course.

“GENESIS® is committed to presenting the highest quality education available to the pool, spa and landscape industry. We listen to our students who have completed our program and those that are working their way through. When we have solid requests for new classes, we find ways to make those courses happen.” said Peterson. “Bringing on instructors such as Scott Hester only solidifies our fact that we are continually pushing the envelope and always evolving our educational offerings.

Following the pre-conference schools, attendees participating in the PSP Expo general track seminars were able to get a glimpse into what the GENESIS® program has to offer and they took full advantage. Brian Van Bower’s CONSTRUCTION 309: Beauty of the Edge - Vanishing Edge, Grass Edge and Perimeter Overflow Pools - Part 2 hosted a packed house with individuals looking to gain perspective and knowledge from an industry leader. While William T. Drakeley, Jr. , finished out the week strong with an early presentation, CONSTRUCTION 408: Construction Techniques for a Vanishing Edge Pool to a full room. Each of the short-programs contained the high caliber, quality education that has been synonymous with the GENESIS® name.

“I am so pleased with our programs this year.” Skip Phillips, SWD Master said. “We saw so many new faces in our pre-conference classes as well as in our general track seminars and that tells me we are doing something right for this industry. We are giving the educational opportunities professionals are seeking.”