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Grass Edge Perimeter Overflow Vessels

Pool Design article by Brian Van Bower, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder

Back in 2008 we had a project with an architectural firm that we like working with on a regular basis, Rene Gonzalez Architects in Miami, Florida. The reason we like them so much is they love water. Water features, ponds, inside, outside and all around, pools, spas, all things water. They had a large residential project that was exciting to us. One of the features we developed with them is, what we call, a grass edge perimeter overflow. It is a take-off on the Lautner knife edge perimeter overflow that Skip Phillips and I have included since we started doing our first water-in-transit programs, now called “Beauty of the Edge”, back in the early days of GENESIS®. The idea was to use an angled stainless steel plate, bolted to a lowered exterior gutter wall to allow soil and grass, or other ground cover, to be planted right next to the pool. In order to keep water from overrunning the 1” slot we raised the stainless steel approximately ½” higher than the pool water level. Here is an early section of the grass edge perimeter overflow:

Grass edge perimeter overflow section

We now include a black rubber material that goes over the top edge of the stainless steel so it isn’t as visible and isn’t sharp. The project turned out beautifully. Here are a couple of images:

Grass edge perimeter overflow project
Grass edge perimeter overflow project

We then talked with Bobé Water and Fire, one of our GENESIS® sponsors, who we work with on custom features. We got them excited enough to begin manufacturing this detail and making it available as a kit. Here is a picture of what they are now producing:

Bobé Water and Fire

Here is the material pictured on a current design project being built by Paragon Pools in Houston, Texas. You can see how the angled stainless matches the angle of the knife edge where black absolute granite tiles will go. Bobé includes structural reinforcement, a joining system and mounting hardware:

Bobé Water and Fire

We are excited to see this completely surrounded, four-sided, project completed. We have now got four projects completed with the grass edge perimeter overflow including a large pool in the British Virgin Islands for Sir Richard Branson and one in Palm Beach, Florida with faux grass. Is this a detail for everyone, absolutely not! Will it be the perfect aesthetic choice for some, definitely. Notice the disclaimer on the early detail that says, in my own words, “Yes, your grass may get some browning from chlorine or salt in the splashing pool water but it looks really cool.” Truthfully, there are grasses that are tolerant of pool water conditions and the ½” offset reduces the potential of water loss substantially. If you are interested in more details on creating this effect let me know, come to the ever-changing GENESIS® Beauty of the Edge program or contact Bobé Water and Fire in Phoenix, Arizona.

GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder

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