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Pool Design article by Michael J. Logsdon , SWD Registered

As a landscape and aquatic designer I believe that having as many options to offer clients, and their various requests, tastes and preferences makes sense. Although our latest endeavor of designing and building an NSP-Natural Swimming Pool for a client in Austin, Texas is a big and long awaited dream coming to reality and has come with a cost of being a front runner. Land Design (Boerne, Texas), a firm known for creating outdoor living spaces with custom designed “sterile water” watershapes and a line of pools based on the simplest of shapes – circles, squares, rectangles, ovals and kidneys – all used in artful ways for clients who want pools, but either don’t want or can’t afford elaborate bells and whistles and other water wasting features…finally we are underway with our first biologically filtered pool or what I call a pool with “living water”.

Land Design has been designing and building high-end, custom pools and spas, alongside a spectrum of landscape elements beyond the water since our inception in 1990. We are now bringing the landscape into our pools, literally…with the introduction of NSP’s-Natural Swimming Pools or biologically filtered pools…through our association with BioNova Natural Swimming Pools a company based in Munich, Germany and the USA headquarters in New Jersey.

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Natural Swimming Pools consists of deep water, shallow, and marginal zones. In each of these zones are carefully selected aquatic plants which help with the cleaning of the pool. These plants are bedded in gravel and other special aggregates. Water from the swimming area is pumped through these biological and botanical filters so that microorganisms and other small life forms become permanently embedded and help to clarify and purify the water.© BioNova Natural Swimming Pools.

These “living water” pools are a great addition to our list of creative watershapes, hardscapes, landscapes and other outdoor living elements. Land Design was the first US BioNova partner and we have been working on getting this part of our business off the ground for over five years. At last years BioNova partners meeting when I was ask to speak on perseverance…and I said there is a fine line between perseverance and stupidity. But it has paid off…this pool in Austin will be the first BioNova Pool in Texas.

Unfortunately, like many, we’ve been hit pretty hard by the recession. Homeowners who can afford high-end projects are still out there, but both the size and quantity of those projects have diminished and especially the ones that want to try something “new” like this is, here in the United States. Although these pools have been designed and constructed around the world for the last 20 + years, NSP’s are still considered new here and have not been well received but that is all finally changing. A potential client I was talking to about three or four years ago about building an NSP commented on a statement I made about “being on the leading edge with this type of pool,” he said you are not on the leading edge my friend you are on the “bleeding edge”. I now know how true that statement was…call it stupidity or perseverance...we and a lot of people watching this project are really excited about this pool and have faith that it will be the first of many!

Michael J. Logsdon , SWD Registered

Michael J. Logsdon

Land Design
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