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Hitting the High Notes as published in Aqua Magazine

Pool Design article by Rick Chafey

I worked with Eric Herman, writer for AQUA Magazine, to produce a comprehensive article about one of our recent projects that become their cover story. This same project was also awarded the cover of Luxury Pools’ spring issue. The path to be able to attain such projects, and the expertise to complete them, is a direct reflection of the education, support and community within the GENESIS®3®University and its Society of Watershape Designers™ (SWD) certification program. GENESIS® has educated and elevated some of the industry’s top designers and builders through its vast and innovative curriculum. A majority of the most intriguing and amazing projects that dominate the covers of our trade and industry periodicals, as well the home building and luxury publications, are those of GENESIS® Members; specifically those at the top of our trade, SWD Masters . SWD Masters ’ projects are the pinnacle of the industry’s best. Additionally, members of the GENESIS® “family” often collaborate in order to provide the very best and most complete designs and specifications in the industry. (In this instance, Red Rock Pools and Spas and Red Rock Design collaborated with David J. Peterson, P.E. and Watershape Consulting – another SWD Master). Please take the time to peruse the AQUA article, and then take the next step in joining the GENESIS® family. Our education programs are second to none, and until you have taken one of our in-depth 20-24 hour design and construction schools, you will never know all that you have yet to learn!

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Rick Chafey

Rick Chafey

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