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Warm To The Touch. Searching for the Perfect Customer (Part 5 of a GENESIS® Blog series)

Pool Design article by Brian Van Bower, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder

Like our clients, each of us has a different personal style. Some of us are far more comfortable with the human touches than are others, but whether you have an effusive personality or are more reserved, as watershapers we share an obligation to reach out to our customers in the spirit of building a rapport.

On a certain level, this requires revealing something of yourself. That doesn’t necessarily mean divulging personal information or your life story, but it does mean having an open-hearted attitude about communicating and making a connection and being unafraid to reveal your own personality on some level.

In my case, I rely on humor to facilitate communication with clients. I’m generally seen as a funny guy, and I’ve found through the years that it’s rare to find prospective clients who utterly lack funny bones. Watershaping can be such serious business sometimes, with so much by way of money and expectations on the line, that I see the importance of breaking the seriousness from time to time.

If you’re not good at telling jokes and sharing witticisms, then at least be willing to enjoy the attempts of clients if they attempt to break the ice with humor. It may sound silly, but it’s also human nature to like people who laugh at our jokes. I’m not saying that you should laugh at stuff that’s not funny, but it’s useful to try to avoid full-time seriousness and engage from time to time in lighter banter. Works for me, anyway.

I enjoy my working life more than most pool designers and contractors because I allow my interactions with clients to be enjoyable. The way I look at it, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with interesting people and that I would be doing them (and myself) a disservice by not being personable.

Bottom line: When it comes to finding and working with good clients, I believe that bringing out the best in others is all about presenting the best in ourselves.

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