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Part 2 of a GENESIS® Free Thinking Blog series

Pool Design article by Brian Van Bower, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder


This undermining of preconceptions has led me to re-evaluate the term high end – a convenient phrase that is often used to describe projects with big budgets. The truth is, budgets alone are not what define true, “high-end” quality and value. I’d argue instead that creativity and a desire for something beautiful are far more potent ways to think about clients and what they want and need.

I recently had clients in the northeastern United States, for example, who own sports franchises, have three homes in upscale areas and enjoy what seem to be almost unlimited resources. These are people who can pay for whatever they want and are willing to foot the bill for multiple site visits and meetings. They also enjoy fine dining and travel and are, by all accounts, sophisticated in addition to being wealthy.

Best of all, they are wonderful clients who have a joyful approach to the process of obtaining a beautiful backyard environment.

Just a couple of days after a trip north to work on that project, I found myself involved in a job with a middle-class couple and a modest budget. They live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and just like the wealthy couple, they want something that fits their home and will provide them with years of luxury and fun.

Yes, there are significant differences with respect to scale, budget and my need to travel. Yes, the project for my northeastern clients took far more time than the job for my mid-level clients – and there’s no question that to work at the higher level, I need to be comfortable with the trappings of wealth and in dealing with large dollar figures.

To my way of thinking, however, the similarities are far more important than the distinctions. The middle-class clients are just as passionate, excited and intent on obtaining work that has true value as is the family traveling among multiple estates. Ultimately, both sets of clients deserved quality designs. Heck, they’re both paying the same hourly rate for design services, and when you get down to the work we’re doing, the only real difference is that one is more elaborate and time-consuming than the other. The core values in play are really no different.

For my part, I enjoy both types of projects and gain the same sort of personal satisfaction knowing that work we’re doing will result in enjoyment and fun. It’s reached a point where we see our projects at all levels bearing a “mark of quality” that’s becoming the distinction that matters most.

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