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Part 4 of a GENESIS® Free Thinking Blog series

Pool Design article by Brian Van Bower, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder


There’s an opposite, yet quite similar, process at work with mid-range clients. Just as I’ve known industry members who almost choke on big numbers, I’ve similarly known many who assume they shouldn’t make expensive products available to clients of more modest means. And some have even told me that they avoid presenting too sophisticated or upscale an image for fear of alienating these clients.

Both assumptions are flawed.

As I mentioned above, we should present a range of options to all clients, because you really never know what they’ll want. More than a few times, in fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the value that people place on beautiful materials, so I make a habit of talking about the benefits of upgraded materials and the aesthetic power of vanishing edges, the exercise opportunities of swim jets and the decorative exuberance of laminar jets. You never know what will strike any client’s fancy, so why not make the offer when it is appropriate to the overall design?

And when it comes to issues of personal image, I just don’t understand the idea that we need to dress ourselves down for a certain class of client. Just as I don’t believe in putting on airs to impress anyone, I see no reason to hide from the fact that I drive a nice car, wear reasonably stylish clothing and enjoy talking about fine wine, great food and nice vacations.

In my book, those things let clients know that they’re working with someone who enjoys luxury, fun and the good life – and isn’t that the largest part of what our products are all about?

I would never presume to dictate your personal style, but allow me to suggest that there’s nothing wrong with presenting a positive, professional image. If a nice watch on your wrist or a quality vehicle intimidates a prospective client, then that really is his or her problem. Conversely, if you’re the sort who’s comfortable meeting with clients in shorts and a T-shirt and it’s working for you, then more power to you.

For my part, these days I’m placing the greatest value on projects that are going to be fun and, for the most part, free of the potential for conflict. As far as that goes, there really isn’t any difference at all between clients based upon their financial status: It’s all a matter of attitude and the spirit of collaboration they bring to the table.

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