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Education Board (EB)


The EB consists of seven members with different backgrounds and expertise that provide diversity and balance to Genesis University®. Members represent design (architecture and landscape architecture), engineering, construction, service, and business programs. One board member speaks for the Platinum Sponsors that are eligible to participate in our Education Partners program. To eliminate potential conflicts of interest the board member representing the Education Partners will not have any voting rights. All other members have equal voting rights. Decisions made by vote ending in a tie shall be decided by the Managing Director, Residential Division, Lauren Stack. Some EB members are changed on an annual basis. All Members are encouraged to present new ideas and assist with the roles and goals below. 


The EB for the 2017-2018 season includes the following members and the (industry trade) they represent:

  • David Peterson, P.E., SWD Master, Director GENESIS® Education (Engineering)
  • William Drakeley, SWD Master, Deputy Director GENESIS® Education (Construction)
  • Kate Wiseman, MLA (Landscape Architecture)
  • Helena Arahuete, NCARB (Architecture)
  • Skip Phillips, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador (Business)
  • Bill Kent, Ph.D. (Education Partners/non-voting)
For contact information and bios, please click here for GENESIS® Faculty.

The Education Board, together with staff, guides the direction of two Taskgroups:

  • Business to Business (B to B) – volunteers who ensure that the needs of the residential builder, designer and service provider are identified, understood and met through GENESIS® educational products and programs.
  • Family and Forum (F & F) – volunteers who protect the culture of GENESIS® by ensuring that students, faculty and graduates learn from one another and continually grow professionally and personally through virtual and actual networking events.

EB Roles

  • Seek the needs and wants of the students.
  • Conceive new, innovative, and relevant programs for the students.
  • Identify new and evaluate existing instructors.
  • Guide and/or review the development of the programs.
  • Schedule programs.
  • Direct the strategies and programs of the Genesis University™ system.
  • Maintain IACET and other accreditations.
  • Support the Advisory Board (AB) in defining certification requirements.
  • Develop and refine the catalog to better aid students in envisioning their education “path.”

EB Goals for the 2017-2018 Season

  • Expand the Education Partners program.
  • Attract new students.
  • Offer all programs required for a GENESIS® Graduate certificate at least once.
  • Rebuild the Basic Pool Construction Manual.
  • Introduce the new two-day Major Renovations design school.
Serving on the various Boards and Taskgroups is a privilege extended to those SWD Masters, SWD Registered and Genesis University™ faculty, who express an interest in furthering the Mission of NSPF/GENESIS. Please contact Lisa Ryckeley (lisa@genesis3.com) for more information on how to get involved.