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Pool Business
BUSINESS 103: How to Advance and Succeed as a Certified Member of the Society of Watershape DesignersCM

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the Genesis University™ core curriculum that leads to certification within the Society of Watershape DesignersCM and identify the types of pool professionals who would benefit from the instruction.
  • List the five areas of concentration / key disciplines addressed by the education.
  • Demonstrate specific skills that are taught in each of those five areas / disciplines.
  • Provide examples of tools that the pool professional can gain through the education.
  • Identify the role SWD members play in the A / E / C Industry.


In January, 2016 PHTA joined forces with GENESIS®, another provider of third-party IACET- approved education to pool builders and designers. In so doing, the combined entity provides education for professionals across the entire spectrum of the residential and public poolindustry. This presentation is one of several in the WAHC “Career Training Track” that will call out specific aspects of the instruction being highlighted. And, will call out the pool professionals most apt to benefit by the knowledge to be gained and skills to be imparted.

This presentation addresses the overall GENESIS® curriculum that enables professionals to acquire the 150 hours of instruction necessary to become Registered (and, eventually, Master) certified members of the Society of Watershape Designers. The GENESIS® curriculum covers topics across five primary disciplines: Design, Construction, Engineering, Service and Business.

This presentation will also explain the importance of SWD certification to the architectural community, other trade professionals and the ultimate homeowner. The goal is to design and construct watershapes that are not only beautiful, but safe and highly effective in bringing more people to water and contributing to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor TBA