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Pool Business
BUSINESS 108: How to Find and Work with a Good Landscape Designer or a Good Pool Contractor

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss why landscape designers and pool contractors should consider partnering.
  • List advantages to be gained by collaborations.
  • Identify where architects should start searching for qualified pool contractors.
  • Identify where pool contractors should start searching for qualified designers.


On most small-scale pool projects, landscape designers and pool contractors typically operate in a forced, dysfunctional relationship. However, if the parties can develop a strong working relationship with each other, recognizing that their mutual end goals for the project are the same, dysfunction will become the exception rather than the norm. To develop a rapport with one another, each must understand and define what their respective roles and proficiencies are on a collaborative project. Knowing when and how to apply each party’s specific area of expertise becomes the key to success. Better coordination leads to better execution. This in turn will lead to a more contented client who knows they received not only a great end-product but also a project of lasting value.

Time/ Credits

2:00 hrs

Instructor TBA