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BUSINESS 202: Benchmarking & The Game of Work

Learning Objectives

  • Define benchmarking and identify key metrics to track.
  • Discuss how to use benchmarking to gain an advantage over your competitors.
  • List ways to make a job into a fun and profitable Game.
  • Explain Continuous Improvement and how to achieve it via the Game of Work.


Your employees watch the clock all day and complain that it’s too warm or too cold to work; yet at 5:01 they race to the parking lot to go golfing. They feel underpaid but all say that they can do more. Make working for you a Game then teach them how to Win! You are losing ground to your competitors. What are they doing that you aren’t? Find out what benchmarking really means. Lastly, learn why Continuous Improvement can be better than the latest ISO Certification, Kaizen Blitz, or Kanban system. Less buzz words and more doing things right!

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor TBA