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Pool Business
BUSINESS 208: 10-Ways to Crush the Competition

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what your personal style is.
  • Illustrate and improve your level of customer satisfaction.
  • Discuss who your clients are, and who isn’t your client.
  • Develop your ability to focus on the most important things first.
  • Identify how to take command of the work/ life balance and play as hard as you work.


Looking for that edge on finding the right clientele for you and your business, this course is for you. Bower, will take you through a plan of identifying your best clientele, establishing confidence in your customer service, leading your team through a project all while maintaining the goal of keeping your work life balance.

Time/ Credits

1 hour


Brian Van Bower, SWD Master

CEO of Aquatic Consultants, Inc. in Miami, FL
Ambassador and Co-founder of GENESIS®
(305) 383-7266

SWD Master Pool Designer
Brian Van Bower, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder

Brian Van Bower has nearly 50 years of professional experience in the pool and spa industry and has long been one of the industry's most influential figures. He is CEO of Aquatic Consultants, Inc., an international consulting and design firm based in Miami with a satellite office in N. Redington Beach, Florida, specializing in upscale and unusual pool and watershape designs. He is also ambassador and co-founder of GENESIS through which his efforts have transformed the industry, and he has a long history of leadership across numerous industry organizations and programs. Additionally, he is president of BVB Consulting, LLC, which provides business consulting to consumers, business owners and industry manufacturers.

Bower has won well over 100 industry design awards. His work includes projects in Africa, Sri Lanka, Greece, Colombia, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada and all across the U.S. He and his company's projects have been featured in numerous magazines and television shows, including coverage in Architectural Digest and on CNN and other local and national media outlets. He is a devoted food and wine enthusiast and pursuer of "the good life."