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BUSINESS 262: Strong Company Culture Reaps Strong Profits

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss methods of building a strong company culture.
  • Identify and steer employees toward roles where the employee has greatest chance of success.
  • Apply tools for managers to retain employees for long term growth.
  • Define outcomes, focusing on employee strengths and finding the right fit generates high performance.


Managers have a responsibility to guide employees into roles where their performance benefits the company’s short and long term goals. This seminar will discuss how to build a strong company culture where employees are committed both financially and emotionally to the company’s success.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs


Bill Kent, Ph.D.

CEO of Team Horner in Fort Lauderdale, FL
(954) 772-6966

  • B.S. University of Cincinnati
  • MBA Xavier University
  • Ph.D. Keiser University
Bill Kent, Ph.D.

Dr. Bill Kent is the entrepreneurial CEO of the Team Horner Group of companies, an integrated manufacturer, wholesale distributor, and global exporter of swimming pool products. Bill has served in several nonprofit organizations and was national president of the U.S. swimming pool industry’s national trade association in 1996. In 2015, Bill’s company received national recognition from the American Psychological Association for having a psychologically healthy workplace; Bill currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Keiser University, a Florida-based University with over 20,000 students on 16 campuses, the National Swimming Pool Foundation®, the International Swimming Hall of Fame, and the Florida Swimming Pool Association. In June 2015, Bill received his Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Business. Bill completed the transition of company ownership to his employees in December, 2015.