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Pool Business
BUSINESS 308: Attracting and Working with High-End Clients

Learning Objectives

  • Examine and appreciate the lifestyles of the clients.
  • Distinguish yourself to compete at the highest level and exceed already high expectations.
  • Discuss how to elevate your own lifestyle to narrow the gap.
  • Identify and become accustomed to dealing with much larger dollar amounts.


Your portfolio would benefit from some high-end projects but you need to convince those clients that you are the right person for the job. Get some insight into the minds of high-end clients to gain an advantage over your competitors. These two co-founders of GENESIS® will share their operating techniques and secrets to success.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs


Skip Phillips, SWD Master

Ambassador and Co-founder of GENESIS®
(760) 815-3961

SWD Master Pool Designer
Skip Phillips, SWD Master, GENESIS® Ambassador & Co-Founder

Skip Phillips, former owner of Questar Pools' and the firm's current principal designer, is one of the world's most renowned designers and builders of custom swimming pools, spas and other forms of aquatic architecture. In 1993, the Robb Report declared Phillips "the world's most influential swimming pool designer" and since then he has received extensive coverage in trade magazines and on T.V., including multiple HGTV appearances, newspapers and prestigious national publications including Better Homes & Gardens, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He is co-founder of GENESIS and is a charter member of the Society of Watershape Designers. He is widely credited for transforming and uplifting the pool and spa industry. Phillips' body of work includes some of the most beautiful and technically advanced watershapes of the modern era.