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BUSINESS 321: Company Valuation & Exit Strategy

Learning Objectives

  • Define ways to value any business – especially your own.
  • List ways to improve the value of your own business.
  • Discuss buying and selling companies and details of the acquisition process.
  • Develop an exit strategy to sell, retire, or transfer operational control while still maintaining ownership.


What is your company worth today? To you? To your partner? To your employees? To your heirs? To a buyer? Learn ways to make it worth more. How do you value a business that you want to buy? Understand how to make an offer and close once they say “yes.” How can you sell or transfer your company and retire? If you are not ready to retire, you will be interested in strategies that will let you work less and still have the business grow.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor Gregory D. Howard

Gregory D. Howard