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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 102: Infrastructure Coordination

Learning Objectives

  • Identify autofills, backflow preventers, overflows, sanitary sewer connections, landscape/storm drain connections.
  • Discuss natural gas supply sizing and details, propane, exhaust ventilation.
  • Discuss component selection, pumps, filters, heaters, heat exchangers, solar, chemical systems, ozone, controllers.
  • Identify safety barriers, fencing, gates, door alarms, pool alarms, automatic safety covers, commercial requirements.


All watershapes require certain infrastructure to support its operation, including water, sewer, gas, and electrical utilities as well as safety and security support in the form of fencing, safety covers, alarms, etc. This module lists several items that may need to be included in a project as well as specific considerations, details, and code requirements to do it correctly.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201