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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 103: Shotcrete

Learning Objectives

  • Explain shotcrete, mix design, aggregates, water/cement ratios, admixtures.
  • Identify equipment, air compressors, concrete pumps, nozzles, dry-mix, wet-mix.
  • Discuss proper shotcrete techniques.
  • Examine code requirements, ACI and ASA standards, Certified Nozzlemen.


Shotcrete is the preferred method of concrete placement for over 90% of pools. The process gives the builder flexibility to pneumatically direct concrete to any position, including overhead, while densifying and strengthening the concrete through high-velocity compaction. This module uses the foundation established by the ACI and ASA standards as well as several years of hands-on experience by the instructor to give a thorough presentation of the shotcrete process.

Time/ Credits

2:00 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201