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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 104: Waterproofing

Learning Objectives

  • Identify integral concrete waterproofing admixtures.
  • Examine penetrating waterproof products and compatibility with other products.
  • Explain topical waterproofing products and compatibility with other products.
  • Define preparation, installation, and testing.


Finishes adhered to a reinforced concrete shell or retaining wall can fail or become damaged by leaks, weeping water, efflorescence, expansion/contraction, thermal shock, and other mechanical and chemical means. The solution is not found in any single magical product – instead, it is an assembly of multiple products and layers that each have their own function but must be completely compatible with each other to ensure a long-lasting bond. This module focuses on the installation of waterproofing systems under tile, coping, plaster, rockwork (both natural and fabricated), as well as special areas such as vanishing edges and vessels adjacent to other structures.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews


  • Module of C201