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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 106: Concrete Decking

Learning Objectives

  • Identify layout, expansion joints, crack control joints, slopes, drains, elevations relative to structures.
  • Discuss base, steel reinforcing, rebar support, welded wire mesh, perimeter footing details, equipotential bonding.
  • Define concrete decking materials, colorants, exposed aggregates, acid-washed finishes, deck veneers.
  • Examine decking construction, pumping, screeding, troweling, and finishing processes.


All concrete cracks, but with proper preparation and installation details, we can limit and control those cracks to maintain aesthetically pleasing and structurally performing flatwork. A beautifully executed pool can be ruined by poor decking. This module focuses on proper flatwork design details and construction. You will learn where to add crack control joints, expansion joints, and how to properly slope planes towards deck drains and planter areas.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201