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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 107: Pre-Plaster Preparation

Learning Objectives

  • Show removing the pressure test, cutting, cleaning, and draining lines, preparing skimmers, surge basins.
  • Discuss cleanup, nail and wire removal, patching, pressure washing, setting hydrostatic valves.
  • Explain details for return lines, suction outlets, light niches, other fittings, waterstops, hydraulic cement.
  • Identify equipment, utilities, and safety barrier verification, inspections.


A builder should never leave the pre-plaster preparation for the plasterer to handle on the morning of this critical phase. It takes too much time to prepare the shell for the plaster on the same day and there is much more to it than a quick power wash. This program lists the tasks, pitfalls, and errors that many builders and plasterers make in preparing for cementitious pool finishes.

Time/ Credits


Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201