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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 108: Cementitious Pool Finishes

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss plaster, colored plaster, Hydrazzo, PebbleTec, and other aggregate finishes.
  • Define proper installation techniques and details as promulgated by the National Plasterer’s Council.
  • Define proper startup procedures to reduce damage and staining of cementitious pool finishes.
  • Discuss short-term and long-term care considerations.


Many problems with pool finishes originate from errors in water/cement ratios, water addition during installation, improper troweling techniques, and even the final acid wash for exposed aggregate finishes. Other problems arise during the startup where the water quality affects curing and that water quality is changing constantly during the first few months. This module provides students with the insight on exactly what is happening with the finish at each step of the process and how you can control the numerous parameters to avoid problems and achieve success with the finish and your client’s expectations.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor Randy Dukes

Randy Dukes


  • Module of C201