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CONSTRUCTION 202: Reinforced Concrete Pools

Learning Objectives

  • Define compression, tension, and shear forces, bending moments, live and dead loads.
  • Describe reinforcing steel design, details, and installation.
  • Examine code requirements of ACI 318, ACI 350, ACI 506, ASA, and the IBC.
  • List shotcrete terminology and identify best practices for shotcrete preparation, equipment setup, and placement methods.


This class combines two modules designed to improve your reinforced concrete structures. Starting with ENGINEERING 103: Structural Engineering, you will get the basics of loads, forces, and stresses and how to resist them with reinforced concrete. Students won’t become structural engineers but they will understand how it works so that construction details are understood and followed. Then CONSTRUCTION 233: ACI-Certified Shotcrete Nozzleman (Wet and/or Dry Process). Classroom Training will explain the basics of shotcrete and prepare students for potential examination to become an ACI-certified Shotcrete Nozzleman. The first module is taught by renowned engineer, David Peterson, P.E., SWD Master and the second module is taught by the American Shotcrete Association’s Past President, Bill Drakeley, SWD Master.

Time/ Credits

8:00 hrs

Instructor David J. Peterson, P.E., SWD Master, William T. Drakeley, Jr., SWD Master

David J. Peterson, P.E., SWD Master William T. Drakeley, Jr., SWD Master