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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 203: Pigment Technology

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the differences between inorganic, organic, dry, and liquid pigments.
  • Identify similarities and differences between different cements, aggregates, and mix ratios.
  • List the factors that affect pigments such as additives, mixing processes, and differences in pigment formulations.
  • Define key start-up procedures and chemical processes.


Apply your color theory knowledge to concrete decking and plaster walls and pools using this program on pigment technology. Get key details on colorants and how they interact with the rest of the cementitious recipe including aggregates, cement, water, calcium chloride, pozzolans, retardants, and other considerations. Understand the mixing process, chemical interactions, and things to consider when using colored concrete and plaster.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor TBA