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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 205: Pool Tile – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Learning Objectives

  • Examine proper material and installation practices.
  • Discover “What to do and what not to do” theme.
  • Identify very basic tile installation.
  • Examine photos of projects that turned out well and others that went horribly wrong.


Nationally renowned and award-winning tile contractor, Greg Andrews, will take you on a photographic journey of projects that will inspire you as well as show how bad things can get. This is a quick program with a “what to do and what not to do” theme.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs


Greg Andrews

Co-founder of National Tile and Stone Authority, Inc.
Winnetka, Ca
(805) 341-5570

Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews is a nationally renowned and award-winning tile contractor and glass mosaic expert. Having completed some of the most intricate and detail-oriented pools in the country, he's well known for his mastery of pool tile installations. While keeping active in installations, Greg's focus in the past decade has gradually turned towards industry involvement in the form of teaching, lecturing, training and consulting. He also manages a Pool Tile Technical Committee through National Tile and Stone Authority, a consulting firm that he co-founded. This level of involvement keeps Greg connected with top tiered tile installers product manufacturers throughout the country, and up to date with the latest in product technology and installation techniques.