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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 207: A Plaster Crew’s Guide to Shotcrete/Gunite Issues

Learning Objectives

  • Learn techniques for reviewing concrete surfaces for defects such as type of cracks, mix design, rebound, and non-homogenous materials.
  • Explore proper inspection techniques for identifying problems with penetrations and/or fitting perforations.
  • Discuss how to test pool integrity with sounding techniques, a rebound hammer test, and minor destructive exploration.


The American Concrete Institute and the American Shotcrete Association have established standards for proper in-place shotcrete/gunite. Neglecting these guidelines will lead to plaster issues or delamination. This course will help plaster crews identify a pool’s structural flaws and guide them into proper remediation, as well as alert the contractor to future pool plaster issues based on the condition of the shell.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor TBA