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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 208: Startups – The $64,000 Answer

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how startup problems damage more than the pool finish: customer confidence and your bottom line.
  • Discuss how to generate tens of thousands of dollars with well executed startups.
  • Examine how to eliminate project complications with monitored startups.
  • Identify how to turn those perfect startups into referrals to grow your business.


Although this program includes technical information, it is more about the business side of doing proper startups. Use these lessons learned to improve and expand your startup services and retain those clients for ongoing service and maintenance. Protect the pool finish and your client’s investment while reducing your exposure to liability.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs


Randy Dukes

Technical Sales Director, CL Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL
(727) 595-6509

  • Author of Pool Surfaces, Problems, and Solutions, now in its 7th edition
Randy Dukes

Dukes is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the pool plaster industry relating to deterioration, discoloration, and staining phenomenon that are commonly associated with cement-based pool coatings. He has served as a moderator and keynote speaker for many of the National Plasterers Conventions starting in 1992 and has instructed courses on "The Science of Cementitious Pool Finishes, Startups, and Maintenance." Dukes has spent a considerable amount of time traveling throughout the U.S. researching and identifying pool surface problems and their relationship to application, water chemistry, and chemical abuse.