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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 221: Site Evaluations & Field Instruments

Learning Objectives

  • Identify lasers, site levels, transits, tapes, and satellite imagery.
  • Distinguish dimensions, elevations, slopes, angles, line-of-sight issues.
  • Define basic drawing and documentation of site evaluation and measurements.
  • Examine where and how to use online data such as Google Earth, county records, aerial photos.


This entry-level hands-on class, designed specifically for the pool and landscape trades so that designers could collect accurate and appropriate information from the field prior to starting the design. After all, what good is a design if it does not fit the space or address issues such as slopes and drainage?

Time/ Credits

8:00 hrs


David B. Duensing, SWD Registered

General Manager / David B Duensing Aquatic Construction Services LLC
Atlantic Beach, FL
President / David B. Duensing & Associates, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, FL
(904) 380-6843

SWD Registered Pool Designer
  • First President of The National Association of Pond Professionals
David B. Duensing

Founded in 1989, David B. Duensing & Associates, Inc. has been one of the most active, experienced and respected design and consulting firms in the water garden and waterfeature industry. Duensing’s other company, Aquatic Construction Services, LLC., founded in 2006, focuses on the construction of highly detailed and, at times, extreme waterfeatures. He is past president of the National Association of Pond Professionals (NAPP), and writes and speaks for industry publications and associations. His construction and logistical efforts were featured alongside Anthony Archer-Wills on Animal Planet’s 2014 series The Pool Master.