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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 233: ACI-Certified Shotcrete Nozzleman (Wet and/or Dry Process) Classroom Training

Learning Objectives

  • Examine Shotcrete Education for the Nozzleman as well as review for owners, contractors and/project managers. ACI Manual CP-60 Craftsman Workbook for ACE Certification of Shotcrete Nozzleman.
  • Examine American Shotcrete Association guidelines, and position statements. (Compressive (Strength) Values of Pool Shotcrete; Definitions of Key Shotcrete Terminology; Sustainability of Shotcrete in the Pool Industry; Watertight Shotcrete for Swimming Pools; Monolithic Shotcrete for Swimming Pools (No Cold Joints).
  • Discuss design, engineering, details, overview of parameters needed in place before, during, and after shooting takes place.
  • Examine Nozzleman certification. ACI 506R-16 Guide to Shotcrete.


The American Concrete Institute has several requirements for concrete structures and shotcrete, and this program will highlight and explain the key considerations. The American Shotcrete Association contributes to the development of the ACI codes and they have shotcrete-specific guidelines and position statements that help ensure proper placement and strength. Learn the importance and requirements of ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification – it just might be a requirement for your next big project.

Time/ Credits

6:00 hrs

Instructor TBA