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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 306: Details – Innovative Aesthetic & Technical Solutions

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss details, details, details.
  • Examine how to hide skimmers, suction outlets, light fixtures, spa-side remotes, autofill components, deck drains, and more.
  • Identify self-cleaning surge basins, basket strainers, access doors and ladders.
  • Review equipment pad, electrical, and control system layout, pipe supports.


When function supersedes form, we end up with ugly devices like plastic skimmer lids and suction outlets. With a bit more thought and planning we can improve both the form and function in the pool and in the mechanical and electrical systems. Build well-organized equipment sets with conduits at all the right places to route everything from power to low voltage communications and sensor wiring.

Time/ Credits

2:00 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C401