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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 401: Advanced Watershape Construction Design

Learning Objectives

  • Examine Basic Gravity Plumbing, Soil Stabilization, Pier & Beam Foundations, Control & Automation Systems.
  • Identify Mechanical, Venting & Exhaust Systems, Advanced Site Work & Forming.
  • Review Architecturally Integrated Watershapes, Concrete Science, Fire Elements, Glass Tile Installation.
  • Discuss Details – Innovative Aesthetic & Technical Solutions, and Construction at Difficult Sites.


This 3-day program is divided into several modules (see ENGINEERING 301 – 306 and CONSTRUCTION 301 – 307 for specific details) presented by experts in each trade. The program begins with engineering topics such as basic gravity plumbing, drainage, advanced soil stabilization techniques, pier & beam foundations, control & automation systems, and mechanical design for enclosed equipment rooms and vaults. Vessels integrated with other structures such as roof-top pools are also addressed along with fire elements, glass tile, and other details.

Time/ Credits

DBPR/CILB-FL (#0612787 – 24 hours)
24:00 hrs


Greg Andrews

Co-founder of National Tile and Stone Authority, Inc.
Winnetka, Ca
(805) 341-5570

Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews is a nationally renowned and award-winning tile contractor and glass mosaic expert. Having completed some of the most intricate and detail-oriented pools in the country, he's well known for his mastery of pool tile installations. While keeping active in installations, Greg's focus in the past decade has gradually turned towards industry involvement in the form of teaching, lecturing, training and consulting. He also manages a Pool Tile Technical Committee through National Tile and Stone Authority, a consulting firm that he co-founded. This level of involvement keeps Greg connected with top tiered tile installers product manufacturers throughout the country, and up to date with the latest in product technology and installation techniques.


  • Required Prerequisite C201