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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 404: Waterproofing & Finishes Panel Discussion

Learning Objectives

  • List the applicable codes, standards, guidelines, and best practices for the waterproofing and finishes industry.
  • Identify specific items that are guaranteed to create failures with either the waterproofing or the finishes.
  • Define liabilities, warranties, risk, and what can be expected, regarding support, for various installation types.
  • List specific items that could be researched and developed by industry stakeholders to advance the industry and reduce liability for builders.


Watertight vessels are paramount to successful watershapes that endure harsh environments through the test of time. Waterproofing has become more challenging as the projects have become increasingly complicated and the solutions are not easily implemented - there is no magic product that will solve every problem for every project! In this panel discussion, several experts representing various trades within the waterproofing and finishes industries will share their challenges, concerns, and solutions.

This is not a sales program for any particular products, and it is not a forum for airing out stories about specific problems that have occurred in the past. The industry needs to move forward with more education and collaboration between the many stakeholders in the waterproofing and finishes industries. Within the 3-hour time slot, 90 minutes will be discussion and 90 minutes will be Q&A. The intent is for this to be interactive with everyone sharing what works and doesn’t work in a general sense. We also hope to identify specific research that some of our stakeholders might be able to complete shortly.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs

Instructor TBA