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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 405: Translucent Glass Tile Installation

Learning Objectives

  • Examine glass tile in pools and how it differs from other types of tile installations.
  • Review industry standards and “best practices” as they relate to glass tile.
  • Discuss how translucent glass creates a “viewing window” into the substrate behind the finished surface.
  • Profile video demonstrations of proper substrate preparation, waterproofing options and troweling techniques.
  • Discuss the importance of proper installation material selection/ systems, jobsite conditions and ambient temperatures, adequate cure times and conditions, and water chemistry.


The popularity of glass tile in pools and water features has grown exponentially in recent years, and the use of translucent glass has generated much concern related to installation material discoloration as well as microbial activity which is visible through the finished product. This program is designed to address these challenges, as well as offer a systematic approach to installing translucent glass and avoiding issues.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews