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Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 406: Pool Shell Cracking in Shotcrete/Gunite Construction: A Survey of Case Studies and ASA and ACI Guidelines

Learning Objectives

  • Identify type of cracking within the pool structure (plastic shrinkage, thermal, autogenous).
  • Examine pool shell cracking causes (intentional vs. unintentional).
  • Discuss solutions for pool shell cracking.
  • List recommendations for client interactions.


The American Concrete Institute and the American Shotcrete Association have studied the concrete implementation process via wet and dry mix shotcrete at all phases of installation. According to these institutions’ research, the one constant occurrence is that concrete will crack. How it cracks, why it cracks, and the amount of cracking is determined by mix design and placement procedures. This course will examine in detail the severity of pool shell cracking and strategies for remediation.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor TBA