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Pool Design
DESIGN 101: Introduction to Perspective Drawing

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the basics of drawings, skills, details, and presentations.
  • Discuss plan attributes: Plan view, elevations, sections, details and lettering.
  • Explain related techniques: drawing orthographic projections.
  • Explain Linear Perspective: one and two-point, creating the illusion of depth.


This one-day class introduces basic technical drawing skills for anyone pursuing a career in the construction industry. These techniques will give students the ability to draw 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional plane, creating the illusion of depth. Good visual communication can make the difference between success and failure and the ability to captivate a client. With great illustrations, you will drive the value of the project and be able to demand higher fees.


  • Prerequisite for D201, D202, D203, D204, D211, D271, D301, D401
  • Recommended prior to D102
  • Required for GENESIS® Graduate

Time/ Credits

8:00 hrs

Instructor TBA