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Pool Design
DESIGN 121: Contemporary Organic Architecture

Learning Objectives

  • Define “contemporary organic architecture.”
  • Discuss how a specific site influences the design of a project.
  • Describe how watershape elements are incorporated into organic architecture.
  • Identify details through a series of project photos.


John Lautner, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his associate Helena Arahuete developed a unique contemporary organic architectural style. This program reviews multiple projects exhibiting the details and Helena will explain the process of designing these projects.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs


Helena Arahuete, NCARB

Principal of Lautner Associates Helena Arahuete Architect in Playa Del Rey, CA
(310) 577-7783

  • M.A. Architecture, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Member of GENESIS® Education Board
Helena Arahuete, NCARB

Arahuete began working with world renowned architect John Lautner in 1971. She served as Project Architect on numerous Lautner projects, and rose to become the Chief Architect in John Lautner’s office until his passing in 1994. She continues to develop state-of-the-art contemporary organic projects that are sculpted right out of their unique site’s environment. Her past and current projects are located in the States of California, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska and Australia. Arahuete has been published extensively throughout the world and continues to asked to lecture at a variety of institutions.