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Pool Design
DESIGN 123: Trends in Outdoor Design

Learning Objectives

  • Define a design method for the creation of comfortable and beautiful outdoor living spaces.
  • Discuss outdoor living trends and the common elements in outdoor rooms.
  • Understand how to better integrate the outdoor living spaces with the water elements onsite.
  • Apply these concepts to a case study in outdoor living.


Trends come and go, and by their nature, they are always changing, so why pay attention to them? By understanding design trends, we are looking at what matters to our clients at a particular time. The goal, as a designer, is to create spaces that aren’t just beautiful; they are deeply satisfying to our customers, guaranteeing a glowing referral. We will discuss the types of improvements that homeowners are willing to invest more in, where the details matter and the budgets are larger. We will look at examples of trends in outdoor living, hardscape, softscape, pools and water features.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor Kate Wiseman, MLA

Kate Wiseman, MLA