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Pool Design
DESIGN 131: Identifying New Business & Design Trends

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the ways to capture, process and analyze design trend signs.
  • Recognize the evolution of business trends and explore inspirations that influence today’s design.
  • Identify market strategies and innovative ways to reach a new audience.
  • Identify the ever-changing consumer and how design influences their purchasing decision.
  • Examine the latest look in home design and colors.


With his finger on the pulse of design trends from iPhones to interior design, Feras Irikat will explain why things look the way they are and how that affects your purchasing decisions at a subconscious level. These trends run across multiple product and project categories including automobiles, tile blends, and how mixing finishes and styles can be done in an eclectic, but tasteful way.

Time/ Credits

1:00 hrs

Instructor Feras Irikat

Feras Irikat