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Pool Design
DESIGN 161: Innovative Natural Watershape Design

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize natural and living pond and stream design and construction.
  • Identify what makes a natural project look real or contrived.
  • Identify liners, plumbing details, materials and methods of construction.
  • List project photos, renderings, and drawings.


Truly natural looking watershapes are difficult to build without the knowledge and expertise of these two instructors. Both Archer-Wills and Duensing operate their own companies that have excelled in natural water elements for many years. Learn their secrets and find out how to make your next natural project look real considering the unique edge details, scale of the project, rock placement, plants and boulders, and water filtration via Mother Nature.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs

Instructor Anthony Archer-Wills & David Duensing

Anthony Archer-Wills David B. Duensing