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Pool Design
DESIGN 161: Innovative Natural Watershape Design

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize natural and living pond and stream design and construction.
  • Identify what makes a natural project look real or contrived.
  • Identify liners, plumbing details, materials and methods of construction.
  • List project photos, renderings, and drawings.


Truly natural looking watershapes are difficult to build without the knowledge and expertise of these two instructors. Both Archer-Wills and Duensing operate their own companies that have excelled in natural water elements for many years. Learn their secrets and find out how to make your next natural project look real considering the unique edge details, scale of the project, rock placement, plants and boulders, and water filtration via Mother Nature.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs


Anthony Archer-Wills

President of Anthony Archer-Wills, LLC in Copake Falls, NY

GENESIS® Associate Pool Designer
  • Author of The Water Gardener, Water Power, and Designing Water Gardens
  • In 2008, he received the Joseph McCloskey Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Art and Craft of Watershaping, awarded by WaterShapes magazine.
Anthony Archer-Wills

Anthony Archer-Wills is one of the world’s foremost authorities on water gardening, responsible for developing many of the new techniques used in the construction of ponds with both concrete and flexible liners. He started his own aquatic nursery and pond construction business in the mid-1960s, and was subsequently invited by the Agricultural Training Board and British Association of Landscape Industries to train companies working in landscape design and construction. Archer-Wills wrote the leading books on the subject – The Water Gardener and Designing Water Gardens – and has lectured extensively worldwide.

David B. Duensing, SWD Registered

General Manager / David B Duensing Aquatic Construction Services LLC
Atlantic Beach, FL
President / David B. Duensing & Associates, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, FL
(904) 380-6843

SWD Registered Pool Designer
  • First President of The National Association of Pond Professionals
David B. Duensing

Founded in 1989, David B. Duensing & Associates, Inc. has been one of the most active, experienced and respected design and consulting firms in the water garden and waterfeature industry. Duensing’s other company, Aquatic Construction Services, LLC., founded in 2006, focuses on the construction of highly detailed and, at times, extreme waterfeatures. He is past president of the National Association of Pond Professionals (NAPP), and writes and speaks for industry publications and associations. His construction and logistical efforts were featured alongside Anthony Archer-Wills on Animal Planet’s 2014 series The Pool Master.