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Pool Design
DESIGN 162: Designing Water Features From Whimsical to Wild

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the importance of nature as the best instructor.
  • Identify many instances whereby improvements can be made in quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.
  • List a number of “turn-key” techniques.
  • Review construction considerations.


Maximize on the potential of the property to create beautiful, dramatic water gardens. Enhance the existing space and realize its potential for recreation, excitement or indeed tranquility. Examples will be shown of naturalistic projects that are low in maintenance and running costs and use native plant material for the landscape and purification of the water. Construction techniques of swimming ponds, wildlife and filtration ponds together with streams, waterfalls and grottoes will be illustrated and discussed.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor Anthony Archer-Wills

Anthony Archer-Wills