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Pool Design
DESIGN 236: Concept Plan Development - Ideation, Thinking with a Pencil

Learning Objectives

  • Define and implement proficiency of idea sketching and its many iterations.
  • Analyze the creative process of concept plan development.
  • Develop and broaden abilities to express your design style.
  • Execute instances of how the creative design process works through real-world examples.


Students are challenged to develop and expand their skills in producing both artistic and functional swimming pool concepts utilizing provided site and architectural plans, images, and models. This course explores relationships between design and physics, where the student learns to flesh out ideas with a simple sketch following rules of composition, elements, and principals of design, all the while being encouraged to move beyond typical constraints of construction. Students will review site information, develop multiple concepts and present a loose but refined version to an audience that will provide feedback. A video of students individual presentation will be available to that student after the class.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor SWD