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Pool Design
DESIGN 251: Fountains & Water Features

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss fountain design, construction, operation, safety considerations.
  • Distinguish hydraulic engineering, water treatment basics, sanitation considerations.
  • Identify nozzles, performance, options.
  • Define lighting, sound, control systems, electrical considerations, details.


Fountain design has always stood at the leading edge of the watershaping arts. Continually challenged with creating new experiences, both David L’Heureux and Paul L’Heureux have found ways to solve problems using the latest advancements in lighting and control technology, coupled with extensive experience in nozzle hydraulics and performance. Their projects are truly magical and they will share their expertise in this intensive program that will provide inspiration and technical details.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor David L'Heureux & Paul L'Heureux