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Pool Design
DESIGN 261: Natural Streams & Ponds

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize “Living” water feature concepts, biology, ecology, clarity, design, and construction.
  • Discuss site evaluation, design considerations, natural and planned elements.
  • Discuss mechanical, biological, bio-mechanical filtration, sterilization, circulation, equipment.
  • Describe liners, concrete structures, art and physics of rock selection, acquisition, and authentic placement.


This is the most in-depth and practical course on “living” water systems offered anywhere. Presented by Anthony Archer-Wills and David Duensing, two leading experts in the field of natural streams, ponds, Koi ponds, water gardens and the use of natural stone, this program steps through the various technical and artistic considerations of recreating authentic environments that perform as mother nature would. The program includes various construction materials and methods and the subsequent decision process to select the most appropriate for a specific project. Examples of conceptual and construction drawings will be provided.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor Anthony Archer-Wills & David Duensing

Anthony Archer-Wills David B. Duensing