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Pool Design
DESIGN 292: Retailing at the Highest Level

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss theme and structure to break down the store into organized units and a sequential customer experience.
  • List considerations for product placement and visual communication.
  • Identify ways to engage the customer with comfort, quality, and a social experience that they cannot get online.
  • Review and compare good design versus bad design via photos and before and after images of make- overs.


Brick-and-mortar stores as warehouses of products for sale are becoming obsolete. Retail has been redefined as a “customer experience” where inspiration and excitement are invoked to drive sales in a socially captivating (pull up a stool at the Apple Store “Genius Bar”) and relaxing atmosphere using specific design elements. If the first sight and smell in your store is the chlorine display then you are doing it wrong!

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor Gregory D. Howard, Ron Balluch

Gregory D. Howard