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Pool Design
DESIGN 301: Marker Rendering

Learning Objectives

  • Use markers, Prisma color pencils, templates, assorted tools and media.
  • Design plan views and perspective views.
  • Design and render water, reflections, plants, rocks, shadows, and other materials.


Despite the photo-realistic capability of some computer software programs, there is a certain quality about hand-rendered drawings that continues to make them a competitor in the presentation arena. Maybe it’s that the softness leaves the client with more to imagine and they can fill-in the blanks with their own view of how the space will be used. Or maybe it’s that it just looks like a lot more time was put into it than the computer version of the same. Either way, this class will provide you with the tools to develop beautiful marker renderings for presentation.

Time/ Credits

8:00 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Required Prerequisite D101