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Pool Design
DESIGN 311: Creating a Cohesive Design Concept: Materials, Details, Color, and Style

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss common outdoor materials, their properties, how and when to use them, and potential drawbacks associated with the different materials
  • Identify major architectural styles and appropriately utilize their iconic details.
  • Discuss five methods for creating a design aesthetic: how to develop the “look” of your project.
  • Analyze common design mistakes and learn how to avoid making them.


An aesthetic is a visual theme, “the style” or “the look” of a project. In this course, we will take the mystery out of creating a successful design aesthetic, selecting materials and finishes, and aligning the details of the design with the overall look of the project. You will try out five practical methods for creating a design aesthetic, and the class will culminate with a final project: creating a full palette of materials and assembling them on a vision board to present to a client. This course is an excellent complement to DESIGN 211: Elements of Design. In that class, you learned how to decide where the improvements go, and in this course, you will learn tools for deciding what they should like.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs


Kate Wiseman, MLA
GENESIS® Design Faculty Advisor

Principal Landscape Designer at Sage Outdoor Designs
San Diego, CA
(619) 618-6410

  • Bachelor’s degree, Botany, University of California at Berkeley
  • Masters of Landscape Architecture, Cal Poly Pomona’s School of Environmental Design
  • Member of GENESIS® Education Board
  • GENESIS® Design Faculty Advisor
Kate Wiseman, MLA

Kate Wiseman is the Principal landscape designer at Sage Outdoor Designs, a firm specializing in the design of beautiful residential landscapes in Southern California. She founded Sage in 2008, and since then her designs have been widely published both locally and nationally. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Botany from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona's school of Environmental Design. Kate began teaching with GENESIS in 2012 and is currently the Design Faculty Advisor.


  • Required Prerequisite D211