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Pool Design
DESIGN 312: Suitability of Submerged Materials

Learning Objectives

  • List applicable codes and standards that limit certain materials from use in pools such as NSF 50, TCNA, health department regulations, and others.
  • List standard tests used to determine suitability for submerged applications such as ASTM E96-16, ASTM C97-15, and others.
  • Identify vitreous and impervious materials including metals, stone, and cementitious products that hold up well under water.
  • Identify metals, alloys, non-vitreous and semi-vitreous stone and tile that should never be used in wet locations.


Design work frequently results in trying new things, including materials that may be unproven in certain circumstances. Submerging certain materials such as natural stone can result in failures and costly repairs or replacement depending on everything from the environment (e.g., freeze-thaw) to chemistry (chloride attack). There are limits on what can be used and, fortunately, there are standardized tests that can help evaluate the suitability. This program will arm you with the technical details so that you know when to reject something and reduce your liability.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor TBA