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Pool Design
DESIGN 322: Audible and Visual Considerations of Water Feature Design

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss acoustics and their effect on the auditory senses.
  • Describe how water features are sometimes used to mask things like road noise and other acoustical pollution.
  • Identify tranquil and pleasing water noise and show how they are generated.


Acoustics play a key role in the experience and ambiance of any space. Big waterfalls or sheets of water falling only a few feet can often result in loud and uncomfortable noise – especially when located in a courtyard or other space with hard surfaces that reflect and enhance those sounds. While some design elements may seem appropriate architecturally, they may fail acoustically. On the other hand, the calming effect of trickling water or the white noise of a larger feature may be the desired effect and used strategically to mask other unwanted noise pollution. Find out how water affects the auditory senses and how you can control it.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor Skip Phillips, SWD Master

Skip Phillips, SWD Master