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Pool Design
DESIGN 404: Creating Digital Presentations

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss digital photography, conversion of film to digital format, file formats.
  • Discuss photo editing considerations, brightness, contrast, color, composition.
  • Discuss photo stitching, slide show assembly, image transitions, text, audio, timing, delays.
  • Explain distribution options, file size considerations.


In this day and age it is expected that your images are not presented in a tenpound photo album, but rather in a digital format that can be viewed online or via DVD. Production companies charge thousands of dollars to assemble videos that you can do with inexpensive, or even free, software. This hands-on program will show you how to create a modern presentation of your work in a movie format. Intermediate to advanced computer knowledge is required for this class.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor TBA